New father

After some thinking I have decided to give CompoHub to leafo. He had already started to build a clone of the site and I like his approach with it. The whole thing is open source on GitHub and events can be suggested by making a pull request. This way anyone can contribute. It is not finished yet but it will eventually replace the current compohub.net.

Here is the new repository:

I have made the current version of the site open source:

And here’s a dump of the current database:

Thank you all!


Time to let this go

Back in 2011 game development was something I loved and game compos were awesome. Finding the competitions on the other hand required a lot of work since there wasn’t any place where all of them were listed. So CompoHub was born.

Giving birth to CompoHub is also one of the reasons I’m writing this post today. I haven’t made a single game after it. I have moved on.
Over the last years I have lost interest in game development, I have fallen out of the community and CompoHub has become only a burden of the past for me. I always promise to implement some new feature or fix some issues but it never happens. It’s been almost two years since I’ve touched the code last time. This project isn’t something that I have time or interest for anymore. I want to let it go.

I want to pass this project to someone who loves the game development community like I did in the beginning. Someone who has the time and interest to work on it. Someone who can pass it to others if they don’t have the love for it anymore.

If you love this site and don’t want it to continue its slow death, send me an email to anttivan@gmail.com, bitmessage me to BM-2cSjFhi1mKM9oEd3kpLYjNULAenY4PUHB3 or contact randati on HypeIRC, EsperNet, IRCnet or EFnet.

The backend has been written using PHP and MySQL.

Thank you McFunkypants and ratking for keeping the site alive when I’ve been gone. Thank you Draknek for hosting the site.

[Update] Thank you for your emails! I’ll let you know what happens next.



The timeline was rather slow so I optimized it a bit. I hope I didn’t break anything.


Suggest events

I added a form where you can suggest events that are missing from the site.


CompoHub is open!

CompoHub is finally open! It doesn’t have all the features I’ve talked about but it’s good enough now.


Bought a domain

I’m back working on this project again! I bought a domain where I’ll open the site probably in a month or two. In addition to the current content, there’ll be deadlines for big competitions, like IGF, and possibly something else too.



I fixed the feed, tweaked some other things and released an early version of the site.



Admin panel

The admin panel is starting to be usable now so the first small release is not so far away anymore. Maybe a few days. I just need to write some text, fix the atom feed and maybe creating pages individual events. And bug fixing. There’s always bug fixing.


Timeline problems

I recently found out that there’s no way to get the user’s timezone in PHP and that caused some problems for me. Some of the event times are accurate but others are not, which means that client’s time offset should be added only to the accurate times. That could make some events overlap on the timeline, which is not good at all. The problem was solved by rewriting event arranging in JavaScript.



I decided to redesign the website from scratch again because there was a major problem with the old style. It had way too much room for content that I don’t have. The main point of the site is the timeline so I moved it to the top, which made it also more scalable. Here’s a picture of the old design:


And here’s the new one. It is not quite finished yet and there’s some debug information but you should get the idea anyway.